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The objective of this book is to reduce your scores as quickly as possible, by teaching you to apply simple principles of the science of psychology. Throughout the history of golf, there has been much said about the important part that psychology plays in the game, but very little has been written. Cary Middlecoff brought this deficiency to public attention recently, and suggested that the remedy might have to await the work of someone with experience in both golf and psychology.
It has been my good lot to have had this experience over a period of more than 25 years. My primary interest in psychology has always been in how it could be applied, not only in my clinical work with patients, but also in other pursuits that could be made more profitable, more efficient or more pleasurable.
This is not a theoretical website. The material has been accumulated over a quarter of a century, and has been derived from notes taken while I was playing or practicing. Whenever I saw that an application of psychology to golf produced results, I recorded it. As a consequence, I think the reader will find that the suggestions are practical. If followed, they will produce a lowering of scores.
How low your scores become will depend largely upon your persistence. Persistence has been historically described as the secret of success, but this is not always true. We must have persistence which is properly directed. It is my hope that such proper direction is provided by this book.

Peter G. Cranford