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  • Winning Touch In Golf - A Psychological Approach By Peter Cranford with an introduction by Cary Middlecoff.
  • Secrets of Golf- The objective of this website is to reduce your scores as quickly as possible, by teaching you to apply simple principles of the science of psychology.
  • How To Begin To Improve Your Golf - 1st Secret tof Golf : The first secret of golf betterment is an emotional one. You must have or develop the desire to improve.
  • You Must Capitalize Upon Past Experience - The 2nd Secret to golf : Each generation of golfers is better than the preceding one because use is made of the experiences of those who have come before us.
  • Why Golf Practice Is a Necessity In Improving Your Golf - The 3rd Secret to golf : The greatest pleasure in golf comes from continuous improvement. This can only come about through correct practice.
  • How to Overcome Inertia In Your Golf - The 4th Secret in golf
  • How to Make Time and Place Work for You - The 5th Secret in golf: In addition to living as closely as possible to golfing facilities, it is wise to make a permanent provision for play or practice time.
  • How to Accelerate Emotional Drive In Golf - The 6th secret to golf : The drive comes from what psychologists call "goal tensions," and this goal tension comes from the decision of the player to disregard the possible pleasures of the moment for the pleasures of final important achievement.
  • How to Avoid Conditions that Kill Interest In Golf - The 7th Secret to Golf
  • Stimulate Interest Through Your Own Golf Crowd - The 8th Secret to Golf : An enduring method of obtaining maximum satisfaction out of golfing, which in turn creates maximum interest, is to have your own golf crowd.
  • How to Stimulate Golf Interest Through Self-Competition - The 9th Secret to Golf : An enduring method of insuring continuous progress is to stimulate interest by competing against yourself in practice.
  • How to Use Golf Variety to Maintain Interest - The 10th Secret to Golf : When the same muscles are used continuously in the same fashion, fatigue results.
  • How to Avoid Habits that Kill Golf Interest - The 11th Secret to Golf
  • Keep Golf Records - The 12th Secret to Golf : For Greater Pleasure and Improvement Of Your Golf Game.
  • How to Keep and Use Golf Records - The 13th Secret to Golf : If one keeps records, the "humbling" aspect of golf can be removed.
  • Key to Golf Accuracy - The 14th Secret to Golf :The greatest single principle to apply in the development of accuracy is to eliminate variables.
  • Meaning of "Golf Bugs" - The 15th Secret to Golf : The dangers of modeling ourselves after more than one golf player.
  • Compensatory Adjustments - The 16th Secret to Golf : Handle With Care
  • Why Golf Lessons Fail - The 17th Secret to Golf : Often a person with a golfing flaw will consult his pro and is straightened out. Later, when he tries his new stroke on the course, it doesn't seem to work.
  • Idiosyncracies in Golf - The 18th Secret to Golf : What to do about idiosyncracies in golf?
  • Faith in Golf - How to Make it Work for You - The 19th Secret to Golf : One way to develop golfing faith is to study experts.
  • No Transfer of Training - The 20th Secret to Golf : Each new type of learning is almost always different from all other types.
  • How To Remember - The 21st Secret to Golf : Shots are often missed because of an attempt on the part of the golfer to concentrate on two or more things simultaneously.
  • Trial and Error in Golf - The 22nd Secret to Golf : Thorndike and others discovered that cats, dogs, chicks, monkeys and other animals, when attacking a new problem, first tried a number of hit and miss solutions.
  • Using Attention to Speed Learning - The 23rd Secret to Golf :It has been found that to speed learning it is vital to practice and play with attention.
  • Remedial Golf- The 24th Secret to Golf : In order for a golfer to improve efficiently, practice must be remedial; that is it must eliminate the specific errors which are costing him or her the most strokes.
  • Don't Practice Strengths - The 25th Secret to Golf : A common error occurs when a golfer practices the very shot with which he has the greatest skill.
  • Practice Does Not Make Perfect - The 26th Secret to Golf : When Practice Does Not Make Perfect !
  • Stubborn Errors of Form - The 27th Secret to Golf : How to Eliminate Stubborn Errors of Form in Golf.
  • Eliminate Psychological Errors in Golf - The 28th Secret to Golf : A simple method of destroying "jinx" shots is to practice them at the very place they are missed, if this is possible.
  • How to Come Out off a Golf Slump - The 29th Secret to Golf : What steps should be taken then to come out of a slump?
  • How to Gain Confidence in Golf - The 30th Secret to Golf : Golf is a doubly difficult game because you must conquer both physical and psychological problems.
  • How to Handle Anger - The 31st Secret to Golf : What about temper?
  • Beware of Golfing Masochism - The 32nd Secret to Golf : Some players tend to be golfing masochists. Some break golf clubs. Others will deliberately cost themselves additional strokes.
  • Develop and Harness Compulsions - The 33rd Secret to Golf : In order to become skillful at anything, the great requirement is persistence. In order for persistence to maintain itself, emotional drive is necessary.
  • Practice Golf Thinking - The 34th Secret to Golf : "No, you have to practice golf thinking just like you practice shots."
  • Make Universal Out of Particulars - The 35th Secret to Golf : Applied to golf this would mean that if we discover something about hitting particular shots, our learning can be made more useful if we can express it as a general rule.
  • Destroy Your Golfing Delusions - The 36th Secret to Golf : In golf we must often be on guard against ourselves.
  • Gambling Shot - The 37th Secret to Golf : The so-called "calculated risk" what then can be done to give it the best chance of being pulled off?
  • Most-Missed Shots In Golf - The 38th Secret to Golf : Never hit an experimental shot during a golf game.
  • Computing Distances - The 39th Secret to Golf : The "feel" can be made much more accurate if it is helped mechanically and psychologically.
  • Saving Strokes - The 40th Secret to Golf : Avoid Ego Involvements
  • To Think or Not to Think - The 41st Secret to Golf : We have emphasized the need for conscious thinking, but a great deal of golf is played subconsciously.
  • Taking Off the Pressure - The 42nd Secret to Golf : It is a matter of common golf knowledge that "pressure" generally results in worse scores.
  • Applying the Pressure - The 43rd Secret to Golf : There is only one way of applying pressure to your opponent in head-on play—through your golfing ability.
  • Do Not Rationalize Failure - The 44th Secret to Golf : An ominous obstacle to improvement in golf is the habit of rationalizing.
  • Be Realistic about Putting - The 45th Secret to Golf : Putting is the most difficult part of golf.
  • Confidence in Putting - The 46th Secret to Golf : Many golfers say, "I am putting well," or "I am putting poorly," when nothing other than chance is operating.
  • Touch versus Direction in Putting - The 47th secret to golf : The great difficulties with putting arise from its many variables, some of which are not subject to our direct control, such as course conditions.
  • Truth about Carpet Putting - The 48th Secret to Golf : The chief value of practicing on a carpet is to standardize the grip, stance, and stroke so that the ball will roll straight.
  • Psychological Putting - The 49th Secret to Golf : Since man is incurably curious, I am afraid that closed stances have a tendency to induce head moving.
  • Finesse Putting - The 50th Secret to golf : Finessing is generally indicated when we know what the shot requires but cannot force ourselves to do it.
  • Putting Slumps and What to Do about Them - The 51st Secret to Golf : How best to deal with a putting slump.
  • Longer Drives - The 52nd Secret to golf : Very often, the biggest factor preventing a person from obtaining maximum power is his psychological attitude.
  • Final Secret - The 53rd Secret in Golf : "Is golf worth the effort?"
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